Xⁿ Office由艺术史研究员徐丹和艺术家倪有鱼共同发起当代艺术展览策划小组。在数学语言中,X代表任一数,N代表自然数集,都具有未知和无限的含义;X . N 恰恰是中文“虚拟”的首字母,无论在上海、布鲁塞尔或是柏林,Xⁿ Office并不构筑一个真正意义上的实体办公室,而旨在从美术史学理论的角度和艺术家实践的角度双向出发,试图策划一系列兼具论文研究和实验性的策展活动。


Xⁿ Office is an independent curatorial team founded by art history researcher Penny Dan Xu, and artist NI Youyu in 2016. Until 2021,  Xⁿ Office has curated five exhibitions in several cities, including Shanghai, Hong Kong, Paris; and published two research-based bilingual exhibition publications. In mathematical language, X means a variable can be any number, letter or equation. N refers to any natural numbers. They both link to the notion of "Infinitive variation". N powers of X suggests that the two curators develop ideas from two different perspectives and methods; they collaborate to discover a world of endless possibilities.


徐丹 Xu Dan Penny



Graduated from the University of New South Wales, Sydney in 2011. Penny Dan Xu is an art history researcher based in London and Brussels. She is finishing her PhD thesis on ‘Artistic Imitation during Ming-Qing Period’. Her research received wide attention, and she has presented her study at international conferences hosted by Oxford University, University of Munich and so on. She is also a curator with ten-year experiences on international exhibition projects. In addition, she is an art writer and translator. Her art criticism writings and exclusive interviews with several prominent Chinese and European artists were published on art journals and online platforms. As a translator, her solo-translated book ‘Peggy Guggenheim: A Confession of an art addict’ was published in 2014; this book was listed in the reading list for art history undergraduate students.

倪有鱼 Ni Youyu




Ni Youyu is an artist based in Shanghai and Berlin. He was awarded the CCAA 2014 Best Young Artist. From 2005, he worked as exhibition curator and art critic, and became artist in 2007.

His solo exhibition was presented in Shanghai Museum (2012), Taipei MOCA (2015), Yuz Museum (2019), Orange County Museum of Art, Konstanz Kunstverein(2017), Contemporary Fine Arts(2016,2018), Galerie Nathalie Obadia (2017,2022)and Galerie Perrotin (2019). His artworks are listed in the prestige collections throughout the world, including Brooklyn Museum, National Gallery Singpore,M+ Museum,Hong Kong Museum of Art, Rockbund Art Museum, Yuz Museum, White Rabbit Foundation, Korea Arario Museum, Me Collection, Sigg Collection, DSL Collection and Ghisla Art Foundation, etc.