拼贴:玩纸牌的人 | Collage : The Card Players

展览时间 Date: 2017年4月1日 - 6月3日 | 1st April - 3rd June,2017

地点 Venue : 沪申画廊 | Shanghai Gallery of Art

策展人Curator : Xn OFFICE

艺术家 | THE Artists

Chen Yujun | Gao Lei | Guo Hongwei | Jan Lauwers | Lin Ke | Liu Yue | Ma Lingli | Ni Youyu | Osang Gwon | Shang Yixin | Tal R | Yin Xiuzhen | Xu Lei | Wu Di| Yao Peng | Zhuang Hui


Sometime in 1912, Braque, the Cubist pioneer, walked into a wallpaper shop. He bought some wood grain wallpaper, cut it, and pasted the fragments on canvas. Greatly amazed by the interesting tension created by the texture of the wallpaper, the wood grain, and the optic illusion of the painting, he took what was later to be titled “Fruit Dish and Glass” to Picasso. “That’s exactly what I was looking for!” exclaimed Picasso.

This large drawing pasted with wallpaper actually inaugurated a brand new way of art creation, called “papier collé” (meaning pasting paper). During the 1910s, the European art world found its artists adopting this technique in their works immediately after their visits to Braque’s and Picasso’s studios in Paris. From montage to assemblage, collage extended from paper pasting to photography, film, and installation until it became a common denominator in all art media. Collage is a fundamental part of Western modern art, but the practice of overlapping and combining ready elements to form something new is never alien to non-western cultures.

This exhibition is devoted to a number of collages by altogether 18 artists from China, South Korea and Europe. Among these artists are Jan Lauwers, winner of the Golden Lion Lifetime Achievement Award at the Venice Biennale in 2014; Tal R, an outstanding Danish artist; Osang Gwon, a South Korean artist well known for photo-sculptures. Also, it will be the debut of Yin Xiuzhen’s “TVT Rocket”, a large installation made for the International Biennial of Contemporary Chinese Art Montpellier-China. Also, Xu Lei’s superimposition collage, Hong Hao’s collage of articles of daily consumption and Xu Bing’s collage of installation and collage based on classic manuals of paintings are all worthy taking a look at.

This exhibition also offers new insights into collage by extending from two-dimension to space, light and shadow, virtual field or even conceptualization. Ni Youyu and Guo Hongwei make collages of old photos or printed images respectively; Yao Peng changes the way of looking by connecting the image with semantics; Chen Yujun mixes together collages and paintings to describe mental images and the unknown world; Shang Yixin and Ma Lingli are skillful artists who build bridges from different perspectives to capture the changes in the patterns of shadows, the lights and darkness; Wu Di, however, did her collage with varied media achieved through a surprisingly complex process; Gao Lei’s collages also go beyond the planar dimension and the spatial dimension, the emotion and function; Liu Yue works on the mild force between rejected materials to form a space collage in the exhibition hall; Lin Ke’s collage can only survive in the virtual world, while Zhuang Hui realizes his conceptual collage with action, the process of making and photos.

Our life is flooded with fragmentary experiences, images, information from different areas and categories. In the mundane world, when artists make art, they are like players of cards who keep shuffling the visual and perceptual “cards” they received randomly and passively, which become their source of inspiration.

Collage underlies the dazzling movements and declarations in art and revolutionizes artists’ cognition and way of thinking. Consciously or unconsciously, the Chinese artists in this exhibition all connect themselves with this trend in modern art while keeping their cultural genes and the traces of this era. This exhibition juxtaposes collage works from Europe and those from contemporary Asia, as well as artists of different age groups using different media. In this way, we can compare and contrast two arts and cultures through “linguistic typological analysis” of collage to unveil the essence of ‘Art’.


这张贴了墙纸的画开启了一种全新的创作方法,被称之为“papier collé” (原意:黏贴纸张)。1910年代到访巴黎,探访过勃拉克和毕加索工作室的艺术家们都旋即开始使用这种方式创作。逐渐出现 “montage”(蒙太奇),“assemblage”(集合物),拼贴从纸张黏贴扩展到摄影、影像、装置,以至最终成为所有艺术媒介的创作者的日常。


在这次展览中,我们将呈现18位中国、韩国、欧洲艺术家的拼贴作品。其中包含获得2014年威尼斯金狮奖的剧场艺术家杨•罗威斯(Jan Lauwers),丹麦最出色的艺术家之一塔尔•R(Tal R),以摄影-雕塑著名的韩国艺术家权五祥;还将首次呈现尹秀珍为蒙皮利埃双年展所做的大型装置作品《TVT-火箭》,徐累的重影拼贴,洪浩的日常消费品拼贴以及徐冰分别利用杂物和现成图像元素实践的装置与平面拼贴。




现场图片 | Installation View

左:庄辉 中:高磊 右:尚一心

左: 权五祥 中:吴笛 右: 庄辉

左:尚一心 中:权五祥 右:洪浩












Tal R

Tal R 作品细节

Jan Lauwers



郭鸿蔚 作品

左:郭鸿蔚 右:马灵丽