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在日落后发生...| All Happens After Sunset...

策展理理念 | CONCEPT

Exhibiting light art often means unifying illumination technology with the architectural space, exploring the boundary of tangible and intangible. We always find Dan Flavin or James Turrell’s works rendered the whole exhibition room into their room with impressive light. Audiences walk into the museum, knowing what they are looking at is art - even if it’s just light- they expected to be entertained or enlightened.

What if the artistic and conceptual context of the light works is erased? What does it look like if all light works are gathered in one space, interfering and interacting with each other? The various illumination materials, colour tones, and brightnesses might overshadow or light up each other. But in such a condition, they are turning into one complete, vibrant light installation, creating an unprecedented resonant force. This force would engage the viewers in, stimulate a sense of numbness and boredom and drive people to understand the uniqueness of each piece. This “multi-contributors” installation crosses beyond the normal understanding of ‘exhibition’.

The light will be turned on from sunset, open until sunrise. During the daytime, it will look like a warehouse — objects, devices and wires all cluttered up in the room. Conversely, it will turn into a wonderful place at night, shinning on the street side.

The reversed opening hour means the exhibition will have the chance to encounter an unexpected audience group. Art lovers might come to visit as soon as the light is on, tourists might pass by without fully knowing what this is, people sitting in cars waiting for green lights will take a glance of it, noticing something unusual is out there; maybe, late at night (or early in the morning) drunkards will sit in the light, enjoy a bottle of beer with the view. It could be a popular place for selfies, can also be an easy-to-find meeting point. Shaking off all kinds of labels such as “art”, “artwork made for art space”, “public art”, the exhibition is an undefinable event open to all possibilities.

Visitors are not allowed to enter the space. People can acquire the panorama of the whole show simply through the glass window. No labels will be attached to the works, no interpretation or text will be allowing it to become an autonomous presence. The exhibition requires visitors to enjoy it in their own ways.

灯光作品通常单独被安置在空旷的房间⾥里里,与周围被照亮的空间共同构成具有体验价值的 装置。在美术馆观看灯光作品的观众,往往带着对艺术的期待,试图解读作品的意义,或者享受娱乐性的体验。



源于这样的期望,我们希望邀请有灯光作品的艺术家参加展览。展览将仅在日落时刻开启 所有灯光,从喧嚣的傍晚、深夜直至黎明时分落幕。周而复始。我们期望上海街头夜晚将出现一个光明、丰富的异景,路过的人从落地玻璃窗望进去就可以看见所有的细节;白天作品回到材质原初的样貌,紊乱但有序的陈列在展厅中。



现场记录 | Installation View

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