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After Sunset | 在日落后发生

Watching the exhibition in 1 minute

After Sunset | 在日落后发生

VENUE : Galerie Liusa Wang, Paris

DURATION:6th October to 17th November,2018

OPENING:6th October


This is the second time we have organised the unique art project 'After Sunset'. The first project was opened on 25 April 2017 at the MoCA Pavilion in Shanghai, a non-profit, 35 sqm alternative art space in the heart of Shanghai. The space, with large glass windows is located on a bustling street full of tourists, local residents and office workers all day long. After seeing how ordinary art exhibitions get no attention in a place like this, how ordinary art exhibitions failed to receive attention in such a place, we decided to transform the whole room into one large, vibrant and intense light installation.

More than 30 artists took part in the show, with illumination works in different types of materials. The exhibition lasted from 6pm until 6am. The door remained closed in the duration. Varied colours, colour tones, degrees of brightness filled up the space, attracting people to stop by, curiously looking into the exhibition and making their own discoveries. It is an urban event, a small 'spectacle' that allows the unexpected and unconventional to happen.

This time we will present the project with the same concept and title but different artworks in Galerie Liusa Wang, on the Boulevard Saint-Germain, Paris. The exhibition will open from 6th October to 17th November, and therefore it will become part of the Nuit Blanche Paris of this year.

This project will follow the same rules as last time: 1. The exhibition is on from sunset till sunrise, just the opposite of the opening hours of art institutions. 2. Door remains close so that the audiences can view them from outside.3. No nameplates, no labels, no curatorial text on the wall, and no interpretation text is provided.

The reversed opening hour means the exhibition will have the chance to encounter an unexpected audience group. Art lovers might come to visit as soon as the light is on, tourists might pass by without fully knowing what this is, people sitting in cars waiting for green lights will take a glance of it, noticing something unusual is out there; maybe, late at night (or early in the morning) drunkards will sit in the light, enjoy a bottle of beer with the view. It could be a popular place for selfies, can also be an easy-to-find meeting point. Shaking off all kinds of labels such as “art”, “artwork made for art space”, “public art”, the exhibition is an undefinable event open to all possibilities.

Visitors are not allowed to enter the space. People can acquire the panorama of the whole show simply through the glass window. No labels will be attached to the works, no interpretation or text will be allowing it to become an autonomous presence. The exhibition requires visitors to enjoy it in their own ways.

2017年4⽉,“在⽇落后发生...” 第⼀次在上海当代美术馆MOCA亭台亮灯之后,Xⁿ OFFICE 收到邀请,在巴黎Galerie Liusa Wang再次策划 “在日落后发生...”。 Galerie Liusa Wang位于圣日耳曼⼤道上,行⼈、⻋辆熙熙攘攘。

10⽉月正值巴黎白夜活动周,在⽇光渐少⿊夜渐⻓的交替季节,巴黎将组织⼀系列开至深夜的展览、⾳乐会、艺术表演,欢迎⼈们探索夜里的艺术巴黎。“在日落后发生...”也将被选为⽩夜活动的“必看项⽬” 之⼀。 展览将延续第⼀次”在⽇落后发生...”的原则,仅在⽇落时刻开灯,直到早晨关灯;展览不提供作品阐释、不贴展签;观看者不可进⼊展厅。









Link : After Sunset I Shanghai

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